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Taking the guesswork out of running a restaurant.

One comprehensive app that helps you save time, increase accuracy, and reduce costs.

Cost Control

Parsley understands your recipes, calculates costs, and instantly shows you how small changes affect your bottom line. Cooking and prep instructions are then scaled to the quantities you need.

Automated Ordering

Your cooking plans are automatically translated into purchase orders using your suppliers’ standard measurement units and package sizes. Nothing is lost in translation.

Inventory Management

Inventory sheets are automatically created based on your recipes and orders.  You check and update them to know your real usage.

Let Parsley manage your ingredients.

Start from our standard list of ingredients, and add new ones as needed.

Parsley will handle the conversion between units of measure, between metric and english, between volume and weight, between your recipe measurements and the packaging your suppliers provide.

Store, analyze, and cost your recipes.

Enter your basic recipes. Create modifications by copying and editing them.

Automatically get cost and nutritional information, as well as cost breakdown showing ingredient percentage contribution and pricing options.  Change measurement units and scale recipes automatically.

product tour_Plan your workflow

Plan your workflow.

Parsley automatically calculates par levels for raw and prepped ingredients.

Know how much you need, and have it prepared in advance, or just-in-time. You decide.

Track your suppliers.

All your supplier information at your fingertips.

Assign ingredients to one or more suppliers, add in their standard packaging or units of sale, their pricing, and their contact information. Parsley will calculate the correct quantities and create your order for you.

Track your inventory.

Make sure you have as much as you need, and not too much.

Let Parsley calculate your expected inventory levels. Then check to make sure you have what you expect, and let Parsley calculate what you need to prep or buy.

Place and receive your orders.

Parsley takes the tedium and mistakes out of purchasing.

Parsley will automatically prepare and place your orders, help make sure you’ve received what you’ve ordered, indicate discrepancies, and update your inventory status.


You can try different plans and move from one to another. Your data is always saved.

  • Chef

  • $35monthly
    • Preloaded Ingredients and Automatic Unit Conversions
    • Recipe Costing and Par Level Calculations
    • Automated Prep Lists
    • Automated Purchase Orders

  • Business

  • $85monthly
    • All Chef Features Plus:
    • Purchasing for Multiple Days and Events
    • Emailed Orders and Order Tracking
    • Historical Information and Automated Cost Updates